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Just 2 questions

Hello there. Enjoyed the idea of game! Great work, keep them up!

Sooo, few questions:
1)Why is XNA 4.0? They are dead. :shock: ContentPipeline - propietary, impossible build xnb without GameStudio... Completly outdated! Ofc i will not suggest you using Monogame instead (i am hate it) or Unity3D, but...
The main problem of XNA 4.0 nowadays (if we talking about pure XNA) is outdated rendering providers. How about same, but OpenTK or SharpDX? Yeah both of them lack of updates for ~2 years but - newer than XNA ones. Personally i saw a few rendering problems, for be fair - game lagged currently (but anyways i like those idea!). Very visible problem is viewport & blinks of objects outside it sometimes + they visually disposes in a bit wrong way. Yeah, this possible to fix them up, but mainly that is problem coming from XNA platform internal issues. So, any reason for your game on it? :)

2)Do you have a plans for change camera and controls in future for provide moar user-friendly controls and game view?
For be fair, right now it's looks a strange a bit, i mean Camera in Ship Editor + Maingame camera controls. Hmm how about mouse?
Maybe something like homeworld controls? :ugeek:
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Re: Just 2 questions

Hi there,
here are the answers:

1. The reason is quite simple: When the development of Galactineers began, XNA was not deprecated yet :mrgreen: We're working on it since quite a long time already :) But you are right, because of the Windows 10 lag/freeze issues, we plan to port the game to Monogame quite soon, as that's a good compromise between no need to rewrite the whole game code and a supported framework which runs stable on old and new Windows versions. Actually some parts of Monogame use SharpDX internally.

2. In one of the upcoming versions we plan two new camera modes: One which behaves like Minecraft, so you're moving on a horizontal plane and WASD does not change camera height, and one RTS camera which has a fixed height from above in a close-to-isometric view. For the ship designer we're still evaluating options, but there will probably be a 2nd camera mode as well (like in the editor).

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